JCC’s technical Team held its first meeting about the implementation of the Crisis and Disaster Management Strategic Plan

14 December 2017


The Joint Crisis Coordination Center organized a one day workshop with a joint ministerial technical team which consists of senior representatives of relevant ministries and departments to review and discuss the draft of an actionable plan for implementing the Strategic Plan 2017- 2020 for establishing a Crisis and Disaster Management System in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


In the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Hoshang, the Director General of JCC, thanked the joint technical team for their cooperation and coordination, then he briefed them about the objectives, goals, and the implementation stages of the strategic plan, also the role of other government entities in implementing the plan, moreover, he pointed on the background and legal basis of the plan that is approved and endorsed by the KRG’S Council of Ministers.


Later, in her presentation Miss Sara Eliasi, the Consultant of Crisis and Disaster Management, pointed on the steps of the draft action plan and the estimated budget for improving and developing JCC’s crisis response network in the governorate offices.


After that, Mr. Zubair Murshid; UNDP Programme director, talked about the role of UNDP in supporting JCC in developing the strategic plan, also he explained that they will use their experience in this field to establish a strong crisis and disaster response network in KRG at the governorates and regional levels.  Additionally, he extended their continued support and cooperation for implementing the Strategic Plan; technically and financially.


In the second part of the workshop, the senior representatives commended JCC and its leadership for the development of the action plan and then they presented their views, comments and recommendations to enrich the draft action plan for implementing of the 2017- 2020 Strategic Plan. It has been decided that after incorporating these recommendations and comments, JCC starts the launch of implementation.


In meeting attended by Mr. Salim Ibrahim; Director General in the Law Department, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Mr.  Yousif Surchi, Director General at Ministry of Education, Dr. Khalid Ali; Director General at Ministry of Health, Mr. Fazil Ibrahim; Director General of Directorate of Metrology and Seismology, Mr. Karwan Salih; Director of International NGOs Affairs at Department of Foreign Relations, brigadier general Ramazan; dean of the Civil Defense Academy at Ministry of Interior, the Directors of Crisis Response Offices in Erbil, Duhok, Slemani and Joint Crisis Coordination Center.


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