UK’s DFID to continue supporting JCC to strengthen the Government Crisis Response and Management Capacity

January 4, 2018

Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of the JCC, welcomed Mr. Martyn Warr, the UK Consul General in Erbil, and Ms. Lucy Smith, UKDFID Representative in KRI to discuss the current humanitarian crisis and priorities for the displaced people and current issues between Erbil and Baghdad, especially the international flights ban that affected the humanitarian response.

Mr. Hoshang Mohamed briefed the delegation about the gaps and priority needs of the displaced people in the Kurdistan Region, the process of IDPs return to the liberated areas and the cooperation of Erbil and Baghdad on this matter, KRG’s JCC response to the earthquake that hit the Region last year. Mr. Mohamed briefed them about the work progress of the JCC’s strategic plan 2020 for the establishment of disaster and crisis management with the support of its partners, especially UKDFID.

Mr. Hoshang, on behalf of the Ministry of Interior and JCC, extended his appreciation and thanks to DFID and government of UK for the continued support and assistance provided to the JCC to build disaster and crisis management capacity in the Kurdistan Region through UNDP.

Mr. Warr reiterated the UK, in particularly the DFID’s support for the JCC to implement the strategic plan to establish Disaster and Crisis Management System in the Kurdistan Region to enable it to also deal with current humanitarian crisis and any other crises that may face the Region in the future.

UK Consulate General and DFID has been supporting JCC financially through UNDPs since 2003 and UKDFID is one the JCC’s key partners that has continued to provide critical support to the centre to strengthen the government crisis response and management capacity since 2015. The support has been instrumental to institutionalize JCC and its crisis response offices in the governorates.