KRG's Ministry of Interior human trafficking report

Human trafficking is an international phenomena that most of the countries suffer from it and it has a direct and indirect impact on the communities of those countries, as an illegal international trade, it has been a major financial resource for many terrorist organizations.

Similarly, Kurdistan Region suffers from this phenomenon, due to its geographical location, and it has become a pathway for illegal immigration from Asia and Syria to the Europe.

Due to the importance and seriousness of the issue, a high committee on human trafficking has been formed according to the ministerial order of the Ministry of Interior (No.8332, dated 16 May 2016). The committee consists of five representatives from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Department of Foreign Relation and IOM and headed by Director General of Divan at the Ministry of Interior to monitor the human-trafficking. Additionally, three sub-committees are formed, under the high committee, in the governorates of (Erbil, Duhok and Sulaimanya) in order to follow up and investigate the reports sent to Ministry of Interior on the human trafficking.

To read more, please read report MoI's report No. (1) on human trafficking click here.

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