The State of Brandenburga in Germany Explores Opportunities to Further its Support to Yezidis

The JCC Director General, Hoshang Mohamed, received Mr. Martin Gorholt, Secretary of State of Brandenburg in Germany and his accompanying delegation who visit Kurdistan to explore the opportunities to further help and assist the Yezidi communities, especially the victims who enslaved by ISIS.

Mr. Hoshang welcomed the delegation and extended thanks and appreciation to the government and people of Germany for the continued cooperation and assistance to the displaced people and the KRG’s institutions since the begging of the humanitarian crisis in 2014, especially the support of the State of Brandenburga to help the rescued victims enslaved by ISIS in Germany. He also highlighted the critical role of the Germany Consulate in Erbil, THW and GIZ in supporting KRG’s efforts to help the displaced people.

Additionally, Mr. Hoshang briefed the delegation about the current humanitarian situation of the Yezidi people and their needs and priorities in the camps and none-camp residents. He highlighted that the Yezidi community is the most affected people among the religious minorities across Iraq since they have been subjected to a systematic cleansing by ISIS and they faced all types of crimes at the hands of ISIS.

Mr. Hoshang also explained the current situation in the liberated areas and the obstacles in front of voluntary return of Yezidis and other minorities to their place of origin. He also briefed the delegation about the KRG’s efforts to help the Yezidis displaced people and rescued enslaved women and kids and find the whereabouts of the missing persons.

Finally, both sides, exchanged views on the potential areas and ways of support to the victims and providing the much-needed assistance to vulnerable Yezidi families living in displacement.

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