JCC coordination meeting on the number of IDPs in the Kurdistan Region

The Joint Crisis Coordination Centre held its regular coordination meeting to discuss the matters related to the IDPs and their numbers inside and outside camps and to update the database of IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region.

Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, the Director General of the JCC, chaired the meeting stressed on the importance of updating the data of the IDPs and refugees and their numbers inside and outside of camps in the Region to prepare humanitarian assistance plans and return of the IDPs to their areas. He also talked about the mechanism for collecting data and verification tools to accurate the number of IDPs and stressed on increased coordination and cooperation between the stakeholders.

Mr. Ali Saeed, the Director of Information Management and Data Exchange briefed the meeting about the challenges of gathering data on new IDP arrivals and returnees and the number of IDPs.

Then Directors of the JCC’s Crisis Response Offices in Erbil, Ms. Vian Rashid, Slemani Mr. Baba Rasul and Duhok Ms. Manal Fuad as well as Mr. Idris Nabi, Executive Director of the Humanitarian Board in Duhok briefed the meeting about their data gathering approach and gave their opinion and recommendations about the matter to overcome the challenges of updating the database designed for IDPs and refugees in the Region.  

They agreed on several measures to ensure the data is gathered accurately and the new arrivals are registered properly and the returnees are deregistered simultaneously for all IDPs and refugees.

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