JCC Director General, Italian Consul in Erbil discuss humanitarian situation of Syrian Refugees in Kurdistan

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre received Ms. Serena Muroni, the Italian Consul General and Ms. Laura Cicineli, head of Italian agency for cooperation in the Kurdistan Region-Iraq, and in the meeting, Ms. Srwa Rasoul, director of resource mobilization at JCC attended.

They discussed the humanitarian situation of the newly arrived Syrian Refugees in Kurdistan Region, particularly the influx of Syrian refugees to the Region following the military operations in northern Syria and its impact and consequences for the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Both sides also discussed the needs of the refugees who are settled in Bardarash and Gawilan camps in Duhok province and exchanged views on ways to support the IDPs and refugees. 

Mr. Hoshang stated that the emergency has been manageable and with partners, we have been able to receive and provide services to the refugees but the challenge remains the winterization needs, establishment of services in the camps and schooling for the refugee students, who are over 4,000, are among the most urgent needs that requires intervention from the partners to alleviate the suffering of refugees. He also said that the factors that are pushing people to flee their homes are still there.

Ms. Muroni extended appreciation for the role of KRG for hosting the refugees and stated that they will up with the situation and will do support KRG to help the refugees.

Mr. Hoshang also briefed them about the objectives and expected results of the KRG’s initiative of establishing ‘The Humanitarian Action Fund’ that was recently approved by the KRG Prime Minister and the cabinet. Mr. Hoshang requested Italy to provide assistance and support in any way possible to this fund.  

They also discussed the gender and GBV issues in camps and outside camps and the Gender Policy prepared by the Ministry of Interior to enhance the role of women in the Ministry and also ensure equality among men and women. Ms. Muroni expressed readiness to support the Ministry’s efforts in implementation of the Policy.

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