JCC and NCCI hold quarterly coordination meeting with NGOs to discuss humanitarian situation

On Thursday, January 16, 2020, Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) and the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) held the quarterly coordination meeting with the Local and International NGOs in the Kurdistan Region, the meeting chaired by the Director General of the JCC, Mr. Hoshang Mohamed and co-chaired by the Executive Director of the NCCI, Mrs. Joanna Garbalinska.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the current humanitarian situation of the IDPs and refugees in the Kurdistan Region and the coordination challenges that face humanitarian partners.

Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of JCC, on behalf of the people and government of the Kurdistan Region, extended thanks and appreciation to the NGOs for their continued contribution and efforts to support the displaced people and host communities in the Kurdistan Region. Mr. Hoshang also updated the participants about the humanitarian situation in the Kurdistan Region, including the continued arrival of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees from Syria.

Director General also said that it is the KRG’s intention to continue providing protection, assistance, services and a dignified living environment to people that have been deprived of almost everything, reiterating the KRG’s policy for voluntary, dignified and safe return of the IDPs and refugees. To succeed, we need increased international assistance and funding.

He added that due to lack of access to international financial institutions, the KRG is not able to secure the required resources to address the challenges of a protracted displacement while responding to new emergencies and waves of displacement including the new influx of the Syrian refugees and the continued arrivals of the IDPs from areas once under the ISIS. Increased international funding and a more efficient use of available resources is critically needed.

Executive Director of NCCI, Mrs. Joanna extended thanks and appreciation to the KRG and JCC for the continued support and cooperation and facilitating the work of the NGOs for the past years.

Finally, Mr. Hoshang highlighted the priorities for this years, especially small scale and medium sized projects that have been prepared by JCC and he presented several recommendations to the NGOs to consider in their humanitarian programmes such as;

  1. Make a balance between the governorates, and vulnerable people in your programmes.
  2. Where is possible, increase the funds and focus on long-term objectives and allow more flexibilities in adjusting the programs [the time of the programs usually is one year, and it is not enough to set long term objectives].  
  3. Enhance the collaboration with the host government for joint assessment, prioritization, planning, and alignment with the priorities of the local stakeholders, especially our priorities.
  4. Increase the support for the host government aiming to enhance the economic and social inclusion of the IDPs and refugees.
  5. Cooperate towards the building a foundation to prevent new crises where possible and respond effectively when prevention is not possible.
  6. Take into consideration the political, economic and ethnic complexity of the hosting communities. 
  7. Develop country-specific policy and plans in coordination with the host government.
  8. Strengthening this network, for further consultation, and sharing knowledge, experience, expertise, and lesson learned.

In the second part of the meeting, a detailed presentation was delivered to the representatives of nearly 80 local and international NGOs operating in the Kurdistan Region by Mr. Mariwan Hassan, Director of Crisis Response at JCC on the access letter issuance and customs clearance requirements and procedures.

Finally, the floor was opened for questions and comments, most of the partners highlighted the leading role of the JCC in facilitating the work of the humanitarian partners in the Kurdistan Region.

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