MSB delegation visits JCC, reiterates support for institutional capacity building in crisis management

A delegation from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), headed by Ms. Sandra Buijsse, programme manager and the accompanying delegation, visited the joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) and met with the JCC management and paid a visit to the JCC Crisis Response Office in Slemani.

In a meeting both sides discussed the cooperation between the two agencies and developing a work plan for the year of 2020 to further strengthen crisis management institutional capacities in the Kurdistan Region.

Mr. Hoshang, Director General of JCC, extended thanks and appreciation to MSB for the continued support to JCC which has been key and critical in the institution’s development since its establishment in 2014.

Director General also briefed the MSB delegation about the developments that have been made to strengthen JCC’s capacity to respond to the natural and man-made crises in the Kurdistan Region.

The MSB delegation highlighted the areas in which they are willing to cooperate with the JCC and reiterated their commitment for a long-term support and cooperation with the JCC. Ms. Sandra stated that they have secured funding from the SIDA to continue supporting JCC and its key stakeholders to strengthen crisis management capacities in Kurdistan and Iraq as well.

During their one-week visit, the MSB delegation also paid a visit to JCC’s Crisis Response Office in Slemani and have met with the Governor and JCC stakeholders where they discussed the priority areas for join cooperation. They also visited the IDPs camps in Hassansham to see the situation of the displaced people in Kurdistan.

Finally, both sides agreed on a number of areas as priority for 2020 to be included in the work plan to be implemented jointly.

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