German development bank (KFW) delegation visits JCC

On Monday, January 27, 2020, a delegation from the German state-owned development bank (KFW) headed by Anna-Christine Janke, Director of KFW Office Iraq and accompanied by Nora Henscgke, Project Manager and Anette Haller, Principal Country Manager. Mr. Zubair Murshid, ICRRP Program Manager at UNDP attended the meeting.

Mr. Hoshang Mohamed, Director General of the Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) warmly welcomed the delegation and gave an overview about the JCC’s role and mandated activities since its establishment. He then briefly talked about all the activities and projects that have been carried out and implemented since the establishment of the JCC as well as the supports it has been receiving since 2014.

Mr. Hoshang stressed on the importance of coordination and collaboration between all the humanitarian partners to respond to the current crises and any potential crisis or disaster through effective mechanism.

Director General talked about crises that have been facing the Region since 2014 particularly the protracted displacement of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees, stating that the war on ISIS, budget cut by the federal government, low oil prices and influx of IDPs and refugees have limited government efforts to address the challenges. He highlighted the importance of continuation of humanitarian assistance that could be linked to livelihood and peace resiliency building and then be bridged to the development phase, just jumping to the development phase, will have dire consequences for the displaced people and the returnees as they still very dependent on the humanitarian assistance.

The KFW delegation talked their activities and projects in the Kurdistan Region and other parts of Iraq and expressed readiness to cooperate with the JCC and other government partners to help address the challenges facing Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Finally, they both exchanged views on the ways to better support the host governments and displaced people to build their resiliency.


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